7 Months: Baby Bedtime Favorites


7 months with our sweet Vivie Reese has flown by! I can hardly believe how much she has grown & developed. With all the growing, there have definitely been some adjustments & challenges, all which came between the 6-7 month mark. Baby girl has one bottom tooth that has sprouted & another one right on its’ way– lucky me! The teething has made her wake in discomfort some nights, plus she is going through developmental milestones nightly which sometimes cause her to cry out/want to be held at any given hour in the night. Today I am sharing our top 5 favorite bedtime products that help us get Vivie into a calm state before we kiss her goodnight, and that have helped us tremendously around this very challenging 7 month mark. Around 3 months we created a bedtime routine that has helped us so much a long the way. We stick to our schedule every night, but adjust accordingly if we were to be out to dinner one night or baby didn’t take as long of an afternoon nap that day, etc. Our schedule is as below:

7:15- bath time

7:30- jammies, essential oils rubbed onto feet, owlet sock monitor on, wearable blanket on, & cuddles/reading

7:45- night time bottle

8:00- lights off, sound machine on, & baby in crib

Top 5 Sleep Savers For Both Mom & Baby at 7 months:

Owlet Smart Sock: When we switched from the rock n’ play to the crib around 5 months, the owlet sock monitor was a life saver for my sanity. I am a worry wart by nature, and I had a million ‘what-ifs’ when switching her to the crib– specifically with rolling over & not being able to breathe. This sock monitor keeps my mind at ease as it monitors her heart rate and breathing throughout the night. The base station is plugged in on my nightstand and it lights up green throughout the night as it gathers the oxygen level & heartbeat ratings. I can easily peep an eye open & check it as I roll from side to side at night, and I sleep sound knowing that it will alarm if Vivie’s heart rate or oxygen were to drop in the middle of the night. For all new mom’s like me that need the reassurance at night, I can’t recommend this product enough. It is 100% worth the money and it comes with 3 sock sizes so you can use it from the minute you bring baby home from the hospital & up to a 18 months.

Homedics Deep Sleep Sound Machine: We started off with a few different sound machines, but this one is by far my favorite. It comes with volume adjustment, 3 white noise options, 3 nature options, tone adjustment, and a timer if desired. A lot of the other sound machines we tried before either only had a timer option and wouldn’t run throughout the night, or they only had nature noises & specifically wanted a light white noise sound. This sound machine has all the options you need & was a lifesaver since the minute we purchased it.

Oilogic Slumber Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On: I came across this in the baby aisle at Target when I was hunting for teething pain relief. I figured it was worth a shot, and while I can’t say it has made her magically sleep throughout the whole night since teething, I can say that I definitely think the lavender scent helps keep her calm and relaxed for bed. I just rub a little on the bottoms of her feet & her chest before I put on her pajamas. 

Baby Organics Teething Gel Pods: These have not completely cured the teething pain (because lets be real, teething can not be 100% cured), but I do notice less discomfort when we rub these gel pods onto Vivie’s gums before bed. It helps numb the area from any shooting pain or discomfort which helps keep her comfortable while she drifts off to sleep.

Halo Sleepsack Wearable Blanket: Since the day she was born, Vivie loved to be swaddled. In fact, we swaddled her up until about 5 1/2 months which most would say is too long. Her nature was just to be all cozied up and she never did well with her arms being out. The startle reflux was too much for her in the beginning, but once she started breaking out of the swaddles we knew it was time to let her arms be free. She loves to be held at night & rocked to sleep, but we didn’t want that to become a long term habit. So we switched to the Halo Sleepsack Wearable Blanket which has helped her feel more secure as if she’s being snuggled, but allows her to have her arms free to soothe herself. I love these sleepsacks because they come in all different fabrics (fleece, muslin, etc. ), a variety of sizes, and tons of super cute colors and prints. I can imagine being switched from a snug bassinet or momma’s arms to a wide open crib would be a bit scary for a baby. I recommend a swaddle or sleepsack to help make the transition easier for them so they feel secure even though they are in a larger space.



Hoping these favorites may help some of you who are also going through the dreaded 6-10 month sleep regressions! I am going to try doing these kinds of posts once a month or so to update and share with you guys all of our current baby favorites.



photography by Katie Marie Photographie


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