Gift Guide: Baby’s 1st Christmas

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This year, Christmas has had a whole new excitement! With it being Vivie’s 1st Christmas, I feel like a little kid again planning out what Santa will bring her. Everything from decorating the tree to shopping has been extra special now that we have her as a member of our family. I can’t wait to continue, as well as start new traditions & watch her get into the spirit of Christmas as she continues to grow.

As a little girl, I always had a tree that my mom would decorate and place in my window sill. I knew I wanted to do the same for Vivie, so I went ahead and bought one for her room! I saw the cutest macaroon ornaments which sparked my idea to do a cute candy tree! I have always wanted to do a girly candy tree, but knew I couldn’t add these to our existing living room Christmas decor. It just didn’t go along with the look and feel of it. So decorating Vivie’s girly, pink, candy tree was beyond fun for me. Getting her to not touch and take off all the ornaments is another story…but we are working on it! I have linked all the items for the candy tree below & hope you find some inspo from it!

I wanted to finally share with you all my Gift Guide For Baby, that includes some of the gifts Santa got for Vivie! Inevitably, there will be lots of pink, dolls, princesses, and with our family being in the automotive business, we knew Santa needed to bring her something on four wheels! If you’re still shopping for your little one, check one my gift guide below for swoon worthy baby girl items. Happy Holidays!




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