Fall Mantle Styling with For Pete’s Sake Pottery: Blue & White Edition

Can we all just agree that Fall is the best season of the year? The season of pumpkins, vibrant autumn leaves, & slightly chilly weather where you can throw on a sweater & jeans for the day. Last year at this time, we were expecting Ford to be born & had just moved into our new home, so there was little to no fall decorating. So this year I teamed up with my absolute favorite For Pete’s Sake Pottery, to deck out the house in faux & ceramic pumpkins. While I love a good orange & cream fall color scheme, the type-a in me likes to keep things uniform, crisp, & clean, so naturally I went with a blue & white theme to flow with our everyday decor. It’s a fun spin on traditional decorating, especially for a southern feel.

Susan’s work is absolutely stunning, from her bright colors to endless patterns, she gave me the exact look I envisioned. We used all faux pumpkins to mix in with the magnolia garland in our living room. These faux pumpkins are perfect to combine with a larger garland because they can prop up at any angle and be stuffed in between leaves. I use small command hooks flat on each end of the mantle to hook the garland in place, fluff the leaves, and then sort the pumpkins into natural nooks of the leaves. We also threw some extras around the fireplace— perfect for little ones to not break! And placed some ceramic pumpkins on the bookshelves to tie it all together. I just can’t get over her ceramic pumpkins, & how much the gold stems bring an elegance to them.

For my office mantle, we did all ceramic pumpkins in a mix of blue & aqua. I used a slimmer ivory garland to mix with these because it’s easier to manipulate around the ceramic pieces, and still makes it look full. Everything I have used is linked below, including our everyday decor, & I hope you find some inspiration as you style your home for fall! Stay tuned for a fun collab with For Pete’s Sake Pottery as we head into the Christmas season!

All pumpkins by For Pete’s Sake Pottery



Photography by Lauren Wallace

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