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If y’all have been following along on Instagram you’ve probably seen me mention the new weight loss program, Faster Way To Fat Loss. I am in my 5th week of the program & I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it is & how I got started in it. So I thought I’d do a post to share all the details on it & my experience with it thus far!

My body has changed a lot in the last two years. I’m talking A LOT! From being the skinniest I’ve ever been to then gaining 50 pounds during my pregnancy with Vivie Reese, to then losing the baby weight again, my body has been a punching bag. I was pleasantly surprised how fast the baby weight came off just 5 shorts months after giving birth (I’ve always been very active & place physical exercise high up on my priority list daily), but I still felt somewhat sluggish. There were days where I’d be rushing around between Parent’s Day Out drop off, work, & everyday chores that I would skip a meal unintentionally or grab what I thought would be a healthy meal, but didn’t even keep me full. The baby weight was off and though I felt I looked great, I still didn’t feel great. Not only was my body lacking the right nutrients to keep me energized, but I was lacking the knowledge on foods that actually benefit the body entirely.

I saw the FWTFL buzz around Instagram & Facebook, but didn’t know much about it. I got linked up with Morgan Moyer (my now FWTFL Coach) & she sold me on giving it a try! People thought I was crazy at first because I certainly did not need to lose any weight. But I chose to do the program to focus my attention on the nutrition side, learn what to eat & when, and use everything I learn to help get rid of baby weight in the future!

So let’s dive in & I’ll share a bit about the program from my perspective!

FWTFL is a 7 week program that focuses on eating the right food, at the right time, for the right reasons! The focus is on eating whole foods, but not depriving yourself of anything. During the program, you practice three key things:

  • Intermitten Fasting-– simply put, it’s an eating schedule. I eat during an 8 hour window (you can choose this window to fit your schedule. Mine is usually 11:30-6:30) and fast for 16 hours each day. I still get all my food in, just during a shorter window of time. I know this might sound scary or crazy, but it’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts and it ends up being the easiest thing to do! Fasting helps with things like burning fat, increasing energy, balancing hormones, building muscle and more.
  • Carb Cycling— this is just a variation of your carbohydrate intake each day! This keeps your body on it’s toes and allows you to maximize the fat burning benefits. Each week there are a couple low carb days and then regular carb days. On the low carb days, I eat more proteins & fats (think avocados, shrimp, chicken, olive oil) & on regular carb days momma eats her beloved gluten free pastas, rice, & beans.
  • Targeted Exercise— the program is 80% about what you eat, the workouts are not required, they just will elevate your results that much more. There are specific FASTer Way workouts provided for your use if wanted & certain exercises are paired with certain days to maximize results. I don’t have time to go to the gym every day so I sort of do my own thing when it comes to the exercises. I continue to do my normal cardio, and then the days that call for arms, legs, or back, I like to use the Tone It Up app for their on demand classes. These are quick, easy, and effective & I can do them in my living room while Vivie naps.

FYI, this program doesn’t count calories, it counts macros! If you haven’t learned much about macros, don’t fret. I didn’t know anything about them either and I picked it up really quickly! I use the My Fitness Pal app to input my food every day and then I post a pic of my macros to a private Facebook group. From there, Morgan makes sure we’re all staying on track and makes suggestions for changes depending on how we’re feeling. The FB group is an awesome resource for accountability and inspiration, plus it’s fun to share recipes, favorite snacks, tips or tricks, and even struggles.

I’ve loved FWTFL because it isn’t about depriving yourself of anything but instead, it’s about learning about what you’re eating, fueling your body with the best, & making sure you’re not overindulging. It’s a lifestyle that I can stick to long after the 7 week program ends.

I can honestly say at week 2 I had the swing of it, felt more energized, slept deeper, & my mom brain became a thing of the past because I was 100% more focused throughout the day than I was before. Having Morgan as the BEST coach (seriously she’s so bubbly & encouraging, plus extremely helpful) and a few friends doing the program with me has been a huge help in the accountability side. I’ve decided to do the program again for the next round, which will start on April 8th! If you’re interested in coming on board & letting Morgan help coach you through this lifestyle change, you can click here to sign up!

Spots fill up very quickly so sign up soon if you’re ready to do this!






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