Holiday Styling: Sugarplum Edition

Welcome to our 2nd Holiday Home Tour– Sugarplum Edition a.k.a Little Miss Vivie’s room! This is hands down my favorite room in the house, holiday or not. Vivie’s room is filled with bows, scalloped hems, touches of gold, & hues of light pink. It has always been a place that I get lost in when decorating. Her bow decor & love for ballerinas inspired us to spice up her tree this year with a sugarplum fairy theme!

Most of the ornaments are from years past, but we added different ribbon this year to keep it soft, but luxurious with a blush velvet. I added in a few larger dolls at the bottom of the tree from Vivie’s absolute favorite brand, Mon Ami. The custom velvet nutcracker pillow was made for us last year from June St. George, who I have shared with you all before. Ally-Catherine, owner & designer of June St. George, makes stunning custom pillows, rugs, & home decor with a classic-meets-southern style! The custom nutcracker is one of the pieces in her room that I adore the most.

Swans, tea sets, dolls & books fill her bookcase year around. I added the adorable light up boutique & santa this year, as well as the two large swans which I found as ornaments in Hobby Lobby. I always like to switch out her books on the acrylic shelves to match the season. It’s an easy way to add holiday decor & a pop of color, plus I find that the books get more use when they’re displayed. Vivie loves picking out a new one each night before bed!

Ceramic village duo are from the wonderful For Pete’s Sake Pottery | Light up ballerina snow globe lantern is from local interior home store Colonial Designs.

The dresser is the first thing you see when you enter Vivie’s room, so I like to place all her ceramic pieces here. The pink vintage tree from For Pete’s Sake Pottery brings me so much joy. I have flashbacks to my childhood when I see it all lit up, because my mom literally has three or four of these that she always displayed. The pastel village set from Lauren Haskell Designs is Vive’s latest obsession. She likes to turn on tea-light candles each night, which we place inside them & they serve as a cute little night lights. The nutcracker snowflake ballerina print was another addition this year from the fabulous Simply Jessica Marie!




Photography by Lauren Wallace Photography

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